Let’s take a few moments to be 100% honest with ourselves…how many of you went into this year with an open mind? How many of you swore this would be YOUR year? Did you promise to live your life better or do more of the things you love? And how many of you feel like you are off to a good start?

If you’re like me, maybe you just DON’T KNOW if you’re off to a good start. I wanted to be more involved in extracurriculars and also be more engaged in my social life and I obviously wanted to do well in school and apply for internships and (on top of that) make more time for myself…so maybe I should have set smaller, more realistic goals for myself?

I spent the first couple of months of this year trying to do it all…and then I realized I started to feel drained and my motivation for school and studying started to lack. I let myself get pulled in so many different directions that when it came time to sit down and focus, I couldn’t. I was tired or I was constantly thinking about other things I needed to get done.

The one thing I have learned in the short months of 2016 is that it’s okay to admit that maybe you’ve bit off more than you can chew. It’s okay if you can’t do it all, but make sure that all the things you’re doing are things that you want to do and that make you a better, happier person in the long run. Life is too short to spend any time doing things that you don’t like doing.

I came up with a new 2016 goal…

Instead of trying to limit the things I do (because that’s a little tough to do), I am going to do my best to take a day out of each month and dedicate the day (or at least a good portion of the day) to spending time with myself. I think it is important for everyone to schedule in some personal time into their busy lives. I am hoping that by committing a little time to myself, my motivation and energy will improve.

When we talk about these “me days” we may all have different ideas about what this would be. For me, I don’t necessarily mean that I am going to spend an entire day reflecting or meditating (I wish I had the patience for that), I mean that I will schedule a day for myself without a schedule. Maybe this means that I’ll take myself out for a coffee or browse around Target for an hour or just hang out at home. Whatever your “me day” entails, make sure it’s something you’re doing for yourself and on your own terms. We all need at least a couple of these days in our lifetime.♥

I’d love to know what your “me day” would include! Comment below and let me know. Have a beautiful week everyone.♥

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