Happy hump day!!! I am so excited to get over this hump…today is going to be a long day for sure, but once today’s over then I only have one more long day of studying and only 3 days until I get to see my best friend! So I’m not too upset 😉 Let’s kick this hump day off with a few of my faves from this past week:

  • This weekend I was proud of myself because it was one of the times I actually remembered to take my reusable bags to the grocery store – I keep them right by the front door, but somehow still seem to forget them on my way out. Let me know if you have any tips for remembering my bags! I have tried keeping them in the car and that has helped…until I unload my groceries and forget to put them back in the car. I am always open to ideas!Snapchat-6041651032600212555
  • My adorable mother gave me this new bag when she came down to visit me this weekend and I am obsessed!! “TURNIP THE BEET AND JAM”!! I believe it is from Old Navy. She gave it to me yesterday and I already used it to carry my things to yoga this morning…yeah, I love it!IMAG0563
  • I was tempted by many treats from the pumpkin display at Sprouts, but I ended up making a better choice and got me some Sprouts Toasted Pumpkin Loops (whole grains♥). So yummy! I’ve been taking them to class with me for a brain snack! The people from POPSUGAR did not give it a stellar review, but I personally like them! Let me know what you think if you try them. 😉 **PROUD MOMENT: I have actually been measuring and sticking to the serving size on these bad boys! The serving size is 1 whole cup so it’s actually a pretty good size compared to most cereal!Snapchat-234870147101414076

That’s all for this week peeps…I gotta get back to studying! Have a wonderful week and good luck getting over that hump. 

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