For those of you who don’t know me too well, I am a little bit crazy when it comes to things being organized. I like things to have a place and I get stressed out when I acquire too much clutter – but on the flip side of that, I also lose all motivation to organize when things get too messy. There really is no middle ground for me! Haha! The one area that I refuse to let get unorganized is my school/paperwork. When it comes to papers, I rarely have trouble finding things because they are right where they belong.

I am always looking for new ways to get organized with my paperwork and scheduling (I am a freak when it comes to planning things – good or bad thing? I am still undecided). Almost a year ago I came across an organization wall that basically changed my life. I was just scrolling through Pinterest looking for more creative ways to get organized for the upcoming school year when I came across this amazing wall of whiteboards and calendars and color-coded folders and I knew I needed to look deeper and figure out how to make this dream a reality. After trying to find more walls similar to the first, I learned that they are called “Command Centers” and are typically made for/by moms who are trying to organize their family’s life, but what better way for a full time student to organize her hectic life than with a command center of her own??

A few weeks later, I brought my sister down to my house and we did all kinds of shopping and redecorating, but our main goal was to create me a command center…aaaand we did!!IMAG0224_1I am going to break down everything in this pic and share all my favorite parts so if you don’t geek out on organizational items…then you might want to leave now because this might be long.

**(minor) DISCLAIMER: this picture was taken around the time of finals, so you’ll have to pardon the mass amounts of papers crammed into the trays :O

File folders. I decided going into the school year that I was going to use file folders for my individual classes – I have tried the binder and pocket folder routes before and they’re great and all but they can also be a little challenging at times…especially if you forget to keep hole-punching everything. I will tell you from experience that I loooooved using the file folders for a few reasons: 1) I bought cute colors so that helped keep it organized by color alone (and they looked cute) 2) They are convenient – I love being able to just throw my papers into a folder and put them in my backpack! and 3) They fit perfectly into those file folder trays I have hanging. I got my folders from Target, you can find them here.

Trays. I liked these because it was nice to have a specific place for my folders to go at the end of the day. I really struggled to find a good deal on these, but with how well they work for my purpose and how sturdy they are it ended up being worth it. I found mine at Office Depot (and used an online coupon ;)) and similar ones can be found here.

Whiteboard calendar. Okay…I love this calendar. I believe I got it from Target and it came with all the different colored markers to help with color-coding everything. One thing I will say about this one in particular is that it is a little small, but I found it was big enough that I could put the key things for the day on there and have a good enough idea about what I had going on for the day – I still sync my computer calendar to my phone so I always have that but it was nice being able to just glance up and see what the week looked like. With all that being said, I definitely got used to this calendar and love it – all the colors are perfect for keeping track of homework, exams, work, social life (lol yeah right) or the colors are also a great way to keep track of all your family members and their schedule! I couldn’t find my exact calendar (you might be able to find it in stores) but a similar one can be found here.

 Whiteboard. This guy is pretty self explanatory. It’s just a plain whiteboard (it is magnetic though ;)) that I used for studying and you may also see the special magnetic days of the week memos – I am pretty sure I got these at Target as well, but I cannot find anything like them online so you may just have to dig through the store or another office supply store. I liked those a lot too (when I remembered to update them). I mostly used them to keep my class schedule up there so I could remember when they all are…it’s not easy to remember when they all are with that many classes!

Note board. This silver note board was just way too cute to pass up and I used it as my weekly to-do list which was definitely helpful and probably saved my life (obvi dramatic) on multiple occasions. And…so lame, but I also couldn’t find this online…but I feel like I see one of these every time I go to the office/school section in Target, so keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in there!

Clock. I couldn’t think of a better way to top off my command center than with a clock. 😉 I got this basic guy from…you guessed it! TARGET!!

**A couple of the other miscellaneous accessories were found at various places: magnetic basket found at Target, “What to EAT” (love this thing) found at Urban Outfitters, and I got my stethoscope on Amazon (it’s just hanging on a nail).

Do you have a command center? I would love to know how you use it and what you use it for! Send me pictures, I am always interested in new ideas! ♥

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