Whole30 Tips and Tricks

Before beginning my Whole30 challenge, I read the book and you should too if you’re thinking about trying the challenge – especially if you’re one of those people who need to know the science and facts about what you are going to be doing. Now that I have completed a Whole30, I obviously considered myself a pro ( 😉 ) so I am going to share some tips that helped me and made it easier for me to stick with it.

Look at your schedule. Before choosing when to start your challenge, I think it is beneficial to look at what events you have coming up…and when I say events, I mean big events that it would be nearly impossible to stick with the challenge during that time. For me, I knew I would be going out of town for Spring Break and it would be difficult (and stressful) for me to stick to it as strictly I wanted, so I made sure I planned to be finished before that date arrived.

Set a date. I noticed that as soon as I finished the book (and sometimes while reading it) I wanted to start my challenge immediately…looking back I am glad that I waited and did not jump into anything. I don’t think it is realistic to make that kind of decision and be able to stick with it if you are impulsive about it. Set a date at least a couple weeks out, it’ll give you time to plan and get excited about your upcoming challenge!

PLAN. Prior to beginning your challenge, plan out your week of meals – I will tell you right now that I can contribute about 95% of my success with this challenge to meal planning. Planning your meals gives you something to look forward to and also helps you create a grocery list…which leads to my next tip…

Make a grocery list. We all know the rule of all rules “never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry,” but many of us don’t know the other rule “failing to plan is planning to fail.” It takes more time to prepare a shopping list before going, but it makes the trip quicker and more successful! Always go in there with a plan or you’ll end up buying things you probably don’t need.

Prep ahead of time. Prepping your meals (or at least your meats) before hand is incredibly helpful for a few reasons…I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I get those “I’m hungry, and I’m hungry NOW!” rages and waiting for my dinner to cook, is not in the cards and then I end up snacking and making less than stellar choices, meal prepping helps with this. It is also helpful if you’re a student (like me) or someone who has to pack their lunch everyday, trust me, it’ll save you some time in the mornings (and maybe you won’t have to get up as early either 😉 – I like the sound of that).

Don’t be too hard on yourself. This challenge is meant to do just that – challenge you. This doesn’t mean that you should beat yourself up if you struggle to stick with it, or if you feel like you have to make some moderations to your plan. Do your best, that’s all you can do. 

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