Month: March 2015

Whole30 Tips and Tricks

Before beginning my Whole30 challenge, I read the book and you should too if you’re thinking about trying the challenge – especially if you’re one of those people who need to know the science and facts about what you are going to be doing. Now that I have completed a Whole30, I obviously considered myself a pro ( 😉 )… Read more →

Almond Milk

I love love love almond milk. I used to always just buy my almond milk from the store, until one day I learned that it’s possible to make your own!! I know, some of you might find it hard to believe that one could spend all this time drinking/using almond milk and never realize how easy it is to make…but… Read more →

Day 30!!!!!! I DID IT PEOPLE!!!!

Breakfast: Monkey salad and egg in a mug with coffee in my giraffe mug and water 🙂 Lunch: Spinach, buffalo ranch chicken, avocado! And I had some green apples with almond butter 🙂 Dinner: Turkey hot dog (Whole30 approved) with red potatoes! No pic of the last supper 😛 I made banana ice cream and remembered to take a pic before I… Read more →

Day 29 – ONE MORE DAY! :O

Breakfast: Poached eggs with avocado – made my eggs with this 🙂 Lunch: Same as yesterday: buffalo ranch chicken, spinach, avocado. Dinner: Chipotle!! Chicken salad with guac, mild and medium salsa, and extra lettuce! Read more →

Day 27

Breakfast: Boiled eggs (all smashed up and yummy) and monkey salad 🙂 Lunch: Boiled eggs again and steamed veggies. Dinner: I made a deeeelicious buffalo ranch stuffed pepper! It was so yummy! I found the recipe on Pinterest here. They turned out so yummy and I will probably end up using the chicken for the rest of the week as well 🙂 Read more →

Day 26

Breakfast: Oat-free oatmeal

Lunch: Made myself a little bit of a “snack plate.” I had 2 hard-boiled eggs, bell peppers, carrots and kale chips!


Dinner: Taco salad!

Day 25

Breakfast: Oat-free oatmeal! (Don’t worry, I promise the recipe is coming this week!) Lunch: Spinach, bell peppers, chicken, avocado and carrots (my go-to lunch ;)) Dinner: Taco salad!! Read more →

Day 24

Breakfast: Oat-free oatmeal! Lunch: One container with spinach, bluebs, raspberries, and almonds. The other container had ground beef, tomatoes, and avocado. Dinner: I wasn’t too hungry when dinner rolled around and ended up making a banana pumpkin shake which turned out to be really good and really filling! All you need are a few ingredients and you just blend them up! (blend the… Read more →